We’ve made our pricing easy to understand and tailored to your needs – whether you’re a single professional making it on your own, or a busy parent with a family that relies on you.

What’s included?

  • Phone calls, secure messaging, and video service

  • 24/7 access by phone for urgent care matters

  • Convenient prescriptions when medically appropriate

  • Patient portal for Wello members

  • Communication with your family physician if requested

Your pricing options

We offer monthly flex or simple pay-per-visit options, for both individuals and families, so you can choose the one that suits your lifestyle.

Monthly Flex:

Including everything listed above.

$35/month single
$65/month family



For those who want the basics!

Per appointment: $49


Terms & Conditions:

  • Family memberships include minimum two (2) household members.
  • Cancel your monthly flex membership with five (5) days’ notice, or your pay-per-visit option within one hour prior to service.

Healthy employees do amazing things.

Wello is 24/7 virtual healthcare. With our service, your employees receive treatment for all of their health concerns, including the large and small issues. We’re available by phone, video, secure messaging and urgent care support 24/7.


A good benchmark of a company’s vitality is how it treats its employees. Our Corporate Plans help to:

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Save your employees time and stress accessing care

  • Promote job satisfaction, productivity, and engagement

  • Attract and retain talent

  • Streamline healthcare access for business travel, home office, and remote work

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