Employee Healthcare Anytime, Anywhere

Imagine your employees having access to health support 24/7/365 from any of their devices, anytime.

See how Wello makes it easy to live a happier, healthier life (2 mins)

Providing Your Employees with Healthcare Anytime, Anywhere.

Supporting Canadian businesses and HR teams to create and manage a healthy workforce, to reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and develop a positive and productive corporate culture.

Integrate Wello virtual healthcare into your employee benefits programs to allow your employees easy access to physical and mental health support via phone or video, 24/7, coast to coast.  

By leveraging our technology, data and reporting, our dedicated customer success team supports your human resource team to maximize the positive effect of Wello with utilization, registration and trends.

Keeping your employees healthy, keeps your bottom line strong. Wello helps your employees get well and keep well.

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Receive the care you need, when and where you need it.

Prescriptions and referrals when medically necessary

Lab and diagnostic tests

Acute and chronic conditions

Urgent care issues and injuries

Treatment for illnesses like infections, rashes, colds and flu

24/7 on call support for urgent care

Mental health support

Health education and coaching

Disease prevention

Infant, child and teen health

Care advice for elders

Support while travelling and vaccine advice

Get well.

Prescription refills**
Specialist referrals**
Diagnostic tests**
Flus and colds
Upper respiratory infections
Minor injuries and wounds
Skin rashes

Keep well.

Mental health advice and referrals (depression, addiction and eating disorders and transition anxiety)
Travel and vaccine advice
Health education and coaching
Burnout concerns
Prenatal advice
Nutrition and exercise plans
Health promotion and disease prevention
Early childhood development
Child and teen health
Menopause counselling
Retirement anxiety
Care advice for elders

** when medically necessary

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What our clients and partners say about us

“If you want a simple and easy benefit to roll-out that instantly improves your employee’s morale, health and attendance, I would highly recommend you try Wello as a first option.”

Adam Czarnecki – HR Manager, Great West Kenworth

“Enrollment was easy, quick and our members had access to virtual healthcare within 24 hours. The ability to meet, diagnose and have prescriptions delivered right to you door has provided piece of mind to our team and we will continue to offer Wello as part of our benefits package to our employees.”

Lisa Baldwin – Director of HR, Merit Foods

“Our clients are absolutely thrilled with Wello! It’s making a real difference in people’s lives and employees are sharing their appreciation for the exceptional care and service they’re receiving.”

Tim Kane – CEO, myHSA

“We’re excited to partner with Wello. Virtual healthcare will greatly enhance our ability to care for our clients and their employees.”

Arthur Kennedy – Director of Canadian Operations, worldcare



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