Join a team that’s innovating healthcare

We’re all committed to transforming the way healthcare is delivered in Canada. Join our team of health and wellness champions and customer service superstars. 

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We offer flexible working arrangements, with remote part-time options available, in addition to full-time roles. Be involved in the growth and evolution of a new company backed by 40 years of industry success. We’re at the beginning of something amazing, and we’d love for you to join us!

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Why Wello?

Our diverse and collaborative team helps people live their healthiest lives. It inspires us to be here everyday and we hope you’ll feel the same way. Our core purpose is to wake up every morning and inspire people to live healthier, amazing lives (awesome, right?). Because healthy people = healthy companies, and healthy communities. At Wello, we believe everyone deserves access to professional and convenient healthcare.

Do you believe in a team-based approach to problem solving or delivering healthcare? Do you bring passion to work and go above and beyond for coworkers and clients?

Looking for a healthcare career that’s interesting, innovative and offers the opportunity to work with your highest level of education and scope?

Do you want to be a part of something bigger? With a highly skilled national team, in a fun and dynamic working environment?

We’re nurse practitioners, medical care coordinators and advisors, all committed to transforming the way healthcare is delivered in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan (and soon, en français in Quebec!). Join our team of health and wellness champions and customer service superstars.

We operate from our facilities in Calgary and Toronto with a team of approximately 75 employees and additional remote providers.

Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive. It’s great to work with people who collaborate so well to improve our client care. Everyone is really excited about bringing better healthcare access to their patients.

– Rachel, nurse practitioner

Once I started working with Wello, I realized what a passionate, values-based and inclusive company it is. What a bonus! Whether it’s caring for people or the environment, or providing equal opportunities, Wello is consistent. I also really like that Wello is adapting and growing. It means I have the opportunity to be involved with the processes, and to grow with the organization.

– Aimee, nurse practitioner

Everyone is so supportive, communicative, intelligent and positive! I also love how Wello uses technology to bring effective, relevant care to people across Canada.

– Sarah, nurse practitioner