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How we’re different

With more than 40 years of primary healthcare experience, our advantage is rooted in care, creating better health outcomes. All Wello frontline clinicians are employees facilitating an unhurried and holistic client experience.

We provide direct access to empathetic and caring clinicians who diagnose and treat to allow for fast, efficient medical support when you are in need – even if you only need health-related advice.

Wello is by your side guiding you along your healthcare journey and always following up.

Our team of nurse practitioners and medical care coordinators aren’t just another automated voice. They provide 24/7 holistic care for your immediate and long-term needs on the phone or video. We want to get you well and keep you that way.

Wello does more than provide healthcare on a one-off basis. We look at the big picture and provide more service delivery options than other telehealth providers.

Canadians can access Wello through phone and video consultations, and via our online health portal. We offer specialist referrals, filling/refilling prescriptions, follow-up discussions and total confidentiality.

Wello is available to all Canadian residents and businesses coast to coast (some service restrictions apply), including bilingual options.

Our Philosophy

Get Well. Keep Well.

Healthcare should be an easy part of everyday life. Everyone deserves access to professional, convenient healthcare. With technology and our expert nurse practitioners, Wello helps people get well and keep well so they can live healthier, happier lives.

Healthy people also = healthy communities. Healthy individuals are productive at work, but also in their communities. We believe health and happiness is contagious and the work we do positively impacts our interconnected world.

Nurse practitioners’ scope

Nurse practitioners focus on patients,
not just problems.

Certified in advanced clinical practice you can trust nurse practitioners (NPs) to offer exceptional primary medical care. They look at lifestyle, diet and other health habits or problems that could impact your well-being and deliver personalized virtual healthcare in a caring manner. Our nurse practitioners deliver medical care with the support of an expert team of care coordinators and our medical director.

93% of Canadians are confident nurse practitioners can meet their day-to-day health needs.

3 million Canadians are receiving their primary care from a nurse practitioner.

We are experts in delivering excellence in healthcare

It’s why we’re here. We’re more than just a tech company. Technology is a means to deliver exceptional care — in a convenient and accessible way — to improve the health and lives of Canadians.

Our parent companies, Coril Holdings and INLIV, have over 40 years of experience in award-winning corporate medical care and medical compliance, with core values that are a part of everything we do:


Every day we show care and compassion for clients and our team that consistently goes above and beyond client expectations.


We are team players that stand for support and collaboration. We trust each others’ expertise and unique perspectives.


We are committed to self-development and growth. Always pursuing new knowledge, challenges and life experiences.


We put our hearts into all we do and live with passion.

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