Did you know you can shift your energy by incorporating new habits into your daily routine? Research shows that eating healthier, working out, and getting a good night’s sleep contributes to specific energy types. But what if you were looking to gain more positivity into your life? By implementing the three tips below for 21 days, you will notice a remarkable change in your perspective and mood. 

1: Write down 3 things you are grateful for each day

The practice of gratitude and being thankful for three small things not only enhances our energy. It also realigns our thoughts in a more positive direction. This practice is known to shift our focus from the negatives and what we do not have currently have and sets us in the present moment, allowing us to be grateful for what we do have. Check out our past webinar on Brain Productivity to learn more about how this daily task will enhance your life.

Resources to help you practice gratitude:

The 5-minute journal
The Gratitude App

2: Meditate

Our mind never takes a break to rest, even when sleeping. Starting or ending each day with stillness and a moment of peace will not only enhance your clarity, but it’ll also reduce any stress and anxiety you may be occurring. Use this meditation tutorial to kick off your meditation practice or join a virtual application. 

Apps to help you meditate:  

Practice meditating and breathing with Wello: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zE9vggPl_4 

3: Shift your perspective

Do you ever find yourself reliving a moment in your head repeatedly? Your mind will make up multiple variations of how a specific event could have played out or different ways something could have been said hours after the event had already taken place. Since we can’t go back in the past, find ways to experience the positive in situations. For example, if you are late for a meeting; instead of saying “I am sorry for being late”, flip the narrative and say, “I truly appreciate you waiting for me, it means so much”. If you made a mistake, learn from the lesson, address what went wrong, and take the experience as a learning opportunity. By looking at scenarios from multiple angles, you can shift the energy and turn any negative situation into a positive one.   

How to get unstuck by shifting your mindset: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zE9vggPl_4 

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