Are you sending your kids back to school? Nervous about their health and safety in the classrooms? Here are 3 tips to get you and your children prepared and ready for a successful return. 

Tip 1: Practice good hygiene at home 

Routines start in the homes. Teaching your children to wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds is a great habit to get your children acquainted to. To make washing hands more fun, come up with fun games or songs to sing to while washing. Here is a great example. 

Tip 2: Prepare them for any classroom changes that may be implemented  

Classrooms will be implementing various changes while preparing for a return. Some may include not exchanging toys, desks being separated further apart, and no sharing of snacks. Speak to your children before returning to school about all possible changes to prepare them for anything that may occur.

Tip 3: Send them to school with all the school supplies they will need to succeed 

Contact the schools or teachers prior to class reopening and get a list of all supplies the kids will need to complete their school year successfully. Providing additional items like hand wipes, Kleenex and hand sanitizer will also help reduce the spread of COVID.  

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