Does your company offer a benefits package that is flexible and accessible to all employees? Was it designed to make the lives of your employees easier? Is your package competitive enough to retain and attract star employees?    

As an HR leader from one of the fast-growing virtual healthcare companies, we understand the importance of our employees and that the happiness and healthiness of our employees is our priority.     

Designing and offering a package that is beneficial to all employees, whether they have family, work abroad, do not have access to a family doctor or in need of mental health support, are only a few key areas to consider.    

Resources: Mental Health 

While companies continue to navigate these unprecedented times, adaption, increased flexibility, connectivity and accessibility to meet the needs of all employees should be at the forefront of your plan.  Enhancing your packages to include valuable services such as virtual healthcare and mental resources is just the start.    

Right now, in the current COVID-19 pandemic, your employees are leaning on you more than ever. With the fear of the unknown, changes in daily routines and learning how to balance their work and life. It’s our job as employers to support our employees and their wellbeing any way we can.     

Take a moment to look over your employee benefits package and ask yourself the following questions:  

  • Is your health plan flexible and accessible to all?  
  • Do you know the costs associated with employee absenteeism for your company in 2019 alone?  
  • Do your employees have what they need to execute a day’s work while working from home?  
  • Are your employees aware of all resources available to them, including mental health apps, or company support? 
  • With a spike in stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic, do you have any support to help guide your employees through this period?   

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These are important questions that can easily be overlooked, especially with a larger team. If you answered no to any of the questions above, speak to a Wello representative today to find out how telemedicine can get your employees well and keep them well.   

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