Meet The Wello Family; Read about a Day in the Life of Business Development, what Jordana loves most about her job and what it means to her to be apart of the Wello/Inliv family.

What is your name and role at Wello? 

My name is Jordana Mirsky and I am in business development and sales support at Wello.

Describe a typical day in business development.
My day changes up very often, usually pivoting to help everyone out as much as I can. I’ve usually got quite a few projects on the go helping out with sales, marketing, and client success.

How has virtual healthcare changed your life?

Virtual healthcare has made it so much easier for me to take care of myself and put my health first.

What is the biggest challenge about the work you do?

My role changes very often so the biggest challenge is describing what I do every day!

Describe yourself in one sentence.
I am a go-getter who appreciates hard work and adventure wherever she can get it?

What is the most inspiring quote or book you have read?
My favourite book is The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom

If you can be any superhero, which one would it be and why?
As a marvel fan this is a very tough question for me but I think I would have to say Captain Marvel. Girl power and alien superpowers for the win right?

What does it mean to be part of the Wello/Inliv family?
Wello and Inliv make a point of making this family feel like a community even when we’re all remote. People are hired based on how they reflect our values, and we are all part of really strong teams that make an effort to step up to the plate and achieve goals together.

Share a value story using the Wello/Inliv values.
Last year while working for Wello I had the incredible opportunity to travel the world and work on a cruise ship. Not only was the team supportive of me taking time to follow my dreams, but when COVID 19 hit they welcomed me back in new roles and capacities to continue to grow in the healthcare field that I’m passionate about.

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