We love a good Canadian business story, especially one that’s centered around what we’re all thinking about right now thanks to Covid – healthcare and virtual communication.

Enter Wello.

This Canadian company began well before COVID ever existed, but its ability to offer health services virtually is relevant now more than ever. As we recently shared, more and more Canadians have been accessing virtual healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. From prescription refills, health questions, urgent care, or whatever it is that would typically bring you into your doctor’s office, Wello Virtual Healthcare has got you covered. Through Wello, you’re even guaranteed to get a virtual appointment with a clinician within 20 minutes and not even have to leave your house.

Wello’s goal isn’t to replace your family practitioner or even your health benefits but to cost-effectively be included in your company’s health benefits and support a continuum of care 24/7, virtually. As well as supporting mental health and physical health, Wello also is helping to support employers and employees return to the physical workspace, helping minimize the spread of COVID-19 and supporting a safer work environment.

Best way to access Wello? It’s easy. All you have to do is chat with your employer about adding it to your company’s existing benefit program. With many businesses currently looking at reopening their doors, it’s a good time to shine a light on existing benefits not only for cost-efficiency, but to really focus in on what people are actually using, and needing, to stay healthy.

With operations in every province and territory of Canada, we’re happy to know there’s a modern, affordable, and convenient cherry-on-top to traditional healthcare, especially after these eye-opening past few months.

So, if you’re an employer looking to sharpen up your health benefits or an employee interested in learning how your workplace can better support your health and wellness needs, visit Wello for more info.

Oh, and if you’re like us and feeling a little leery on getting back into regular life amidst a pandemic, Wello’s site also has a ton of great resources for COVID-19, as well as free webinars on mental health, insomnia, fitness, nutrition and a variety of other health and wellness topics. Wello also has this helpful video that explains what they do and how they do it. Check it out!


Original Feature: https://curiocity.com/toronto/curiocity-sponsored-content/this-canadian-company-makes-virtual-healthcare-easier-more-accessible-than-ever/