Being trapped indoors while the world experiences a pandemic can be frightening and quite frankly, overwhelming. The current situation in the world, the ongoing availability of news reports, the changes in our lifestyle and the fear of the unknown, not to mention other circumstances that may have occurred over these past few months such as a job loss, disconnection from loved ones, homeschooling your children, all can play into feeling overwhelmed, drained and even anxious.

These feelings are being experienced by many – you are not alone. Here are some ways to reduce those overwhelming feelings as we navigate these uncertain times.

Continue to check in with yourself 
Before checking your emails or scrolling your social feeds, check-in with yourself to see how you are feeling at that moment. Did you have a good night’s sleep? Are you feeling sad or worried? By checking in, you can focus on issues that are concerning you and address them. It is also important to focus on things you are grateful for each day.

Be transparent with friends, loved ones or workers
Speak out. It’s okay to talk to people about your feelings and your concerns whether it’s due to work, the pandemic or other issues. By opening up, you allow room for support and may also realize that you are not alone as others around may have similar feelings.

Make sure to get outdoors at least once a day 
Whether it’s stepping out on your balcony or going for a walk, simply taking time each day to go outdoors will help your mind and body. Adding activity to being outdoors can further reduce stress.

Pause, Breathe, Repeat 
Stillness and acknowledging your breath through the practice of yoga and meditation may play a role in the reduction of stress, anxiety and help clear your mind. Pausing and being still can help you slow the mind chatter and feel more grounded. The following is a meditation video that may be helpful:

Reduce your news intake 
It’s okay to step away from the ongoing bombardment of 24 hours news reports. Taking in too much information may increase those overwhelming feelings. Reducing your digital consumption of information and incorporating more positive activities can enhance energy levels and spark joy. Try something new like painting, having a zoom dance party or taking that class you always dreamt of!

If you are still feeling overwhelmed and want to talk to someone, here are some resources from Wellness Canada: 

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