Our Nurse Practitioner team acts as the first step in a treatment plan when a patient presents to Wello with Mental Health concerns.


Employee Mental Health Support from Wello:

  • At Wello we understand that certain risk factors can increase an individual’s risk of developing mental health concerns, often associations can be found between risks for chronic disease and mental health.
  • Wello focuses on modifiable risk factors to help reduce the risk of mental health disease and as well as compilations from chronic disease.
  • Assessing mental health concerns is part of the Wello program. We use validated questionnaires such as the PHQ9 and GAD7 to assess for common mental illness such as depression and anxiety. Crisis screening is undertaken when appropriate and immediate referrals to emergency services if needed.
  • When appropriate, laboratory testing will be ordered and completed to ensure that a client’s symptoms are not related to a medical disease (ie: ensure fatigue is not caused by hypothyroidism)
  • ** we will not initiate anti-depressants via the telemedicine platform, however, we can make recommendations and connect clients to appropriate resources to obtain these medications and a safe manner, if a client is already on medications we can assist with titrations and adjustments and or prescriptions refills
  • Referrals to community resources (group therapy, psychologist, psychiatrists, counsellors) to assist with behavior therapy
  • Recommendations for quick coping strategies and behavior change techniques, quick links to online resources to assist the client at the moment until they can be connected to resources
  • Recommend that clients reach out to their EFAP when available as they are often under-utilized and can offer a quick link to resources for clients that are in need
  • Frequent follow-ups with the client until the client is connected to appropriate resources, and then follow-ups are guided by the client as needed


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