A case study in the power of virtual healthcare as an employee benefit

One of our remote workers (truck driver) called Wello because of a sore throat. This individual had been feeling terrible for several months. The employee called Wello to see if they could help.

During the call, the nurse practitioner reviewed the client’s medical results and noticed their high blood sugar. They suspected diabetes and wanted to get the individual tested.

A Wello Nurse Practitioner ordered blood work during the initial call and told the employee to get tested first thing in the morning before starting work. They went in for testing that morning as instructed. The next morning Wello called back with the results confirming that the employee had diabetes.

Calling in sick, terrible headaches, unable to concentrate on the job

The nurse practitioner then booked a follow-up appointment in the evening to discuss the employee’s diabetes, as well as to schedule an appointment with a nutritionist, and also prescribe medication. This employee had been calling in sick, had terrible headaches, and had been feeling terrible for months.

Since their initial call with Wello, this individual has only missed 10 minutes of work.

“We now have a healthier, happier, energized employee in our office”

This employee would likely have missed more days and lost productivity due to sluggishness and lack of concentration. They will now be less likely to leave for another company.

“The best part of the experience was how quickly Wello followed-up”

The employee said the best part of the experience was how quickly Wello followed-up, they had a stressful and sleepless night before the test and would have continued to have sleepless nights until the test results. How fast Wello took care of this individual, saved them days, if not weeks of stress and pain.

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