Wello supports your mental health

A client phoned Wello with urgent mental health concerns and anxiety. The individual was grieving a recent death in the family, coupled with increased demands at work, and was feeling overwhelmed and was having trouble coping.

Health and risk assessments identified risk for anxiety and depression

The client had a previous history of anxiety. They were supported by mental health providers and counseling in the past. In this instance, they could not reach their regular counselor, so they booked an appointment with Wello.  Our Wello Nurse Practitioner team consulted with the client and had them complete in-depth health and risk assessments. The results of the appointment and assessments identified that the client’s risk for anxiety and depression was moderate. While the client was safe, and not in a crisis at the time of the call, their symptoms warranted additional diagnostics to ensure they were not part of an underlying health concern.

During the initial appointment, Wello Nurse Practitioners:

  • Provided the client with immediate coping techniques and health advice
  • Made a referral to community mental health resources
  • Encouraged the client to touch base with their Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP).
  • Assisted them on how to access their EFAP.
  • Provided a laboratory requisition to rule out any underlying health concerns.
  • Refilled an anxiety prescription which was about to run out before their next appointment.
  • The prescription was sent to the clients’ preferred pharmacy.

A clear care plan and timely follow-up

Our Wello Nurse Practitioner was able to refill their current prescription and had it faxed it to their pharmacy of choice. At the end of the appointment, a clear care plan was established. The client was receptive and understood the management plan. Part of the established plan was that Wello would follow-up within the next few days, or if the client needed to follow-up sooner, they could reach out to Wello at any time.

Educational tools were helpful

When we followed up with the client, they had already reached out to their EFAP provider and were receiving counseling. They had also scheduled appointments for additional services and had booked an appointment with their primary care provider. The client expressed that the educational tools that Wello had provided them in their care plan were helpful and that they were working through some of them. Wello Nurse Practitioners reviewed the client’s blood work and encouraged them to reach out to Wello should any concerns arise.