The Millennials are Taking Over! Workplace Benefits for the Younger Generation

Millennials now make up the largest age group in Canadian workplaces, and they are shaking things up in companies of all sizes.

Nearly 50 percent of HR decision-makers are concerned with their organization’s ability to attract and retain millennial (and gen Z employees). A big area of concern surrounds benefits and work-life balance.

Here are some differences that set the younger generation apart from their gen x and boomer colleagues:

Employers are just starting to develop new strategies to attract and retain millennial workers. A survey of human resource leaders found that close to 80% worked at organizations that have not changed their policies to accommodate interest in better work-life balance.

By giving your employees access to remote virtual medical care, you’ll increase the health, and happiness among your workforce. At Wello, we offer both get well and keep well medical services. Our “get well” services include treatment for illnesses such as infections, rashes, colds, and flu. Our “keep well” services include expert advice about disease prevention, health education, and coaching.

Over 75% of Canadian workers would use virtual healthcare to address specific health concerns, non-urgent medical conditions, prescriptions, referrals, follow-up care as well as travel and after-hours support. And more than three quarters (76%) of Canadians say digital health can make accessing healthcare services easier and more convenient.

One of the barriers to adopting changes like these is the idea that these new perks, including virtual healthcare, will only benefit a portion of your employee base. This benefit helps save health and medical related costs for employees of all generations – millennials might just be the first group to speak up about it!

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