Healthy, Happy and Engaged: Reap the Benefits of Virtual Healthcare – Incorporating virtual healthcare into benefits plans gives employees the flexibility and care they crave, and employers the results they want.

Companies trying to keep up with demand for better health and wellness benefits plans have a new place to turn: virtual healthcare, and Wello, a service that includes flexible and convenient medical care via virtual video visits, phone visits, live chat with a team of health professionals and 24/7 support for urgent care needs for your employees. From help with minor illnesses to support with everyday health matters such as stress, nutrition, and mental health advice, Wello is here to make sure your employees are happy, healthy and engaged in your business. Reduce absenteeism, save employee time and set yourself apart with Wello: access to healthcare anytime, anywhere.

A Timeless Problem Becomes an Innovation
There’s no denying it; technology is changing the way we live, work and play right in front of our eyes. Robots in the workplace, driverless cars on the road, an ever-evolving hand-held computer capable of extreme processing power right in our pockets, the ability to call a medical professional for the advice, referral or prescription you need right away with no waiting. Wait… what was that last one? It seems so simple, and yet it’s only now that virtual healthcare is poised to take Canadian businesses by storm. An old problem – do I have time to go to the doctor? Do I really want to spend my time in a waiting room? – meets a new solution. Wello knows healthy employees do amazing things. The challenge was to innovate healthcare the way banking and transportation industries have evolved – think mobile cheque depositing and Uber – to be convenient, easy-to-use and stress-free.

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