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Keep Well: Keeping Kids with Allergies Safe

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Do Your Kids Have Allergies? Check Out These Tips for Parents.
Looking after a child with allergies can be a huge responsibility for a parent. Parents can try to do their best to protect their kids from risks when they are at home, but when they send them out into the world they need to also be sure that they will not come into contact with anything that could be a huge risk to their health.

Here are a few ways parents can ensure their kids are safe when it comes to their allergies.

Teach Your Child
It sounds simple, but teaching your child about allergies is one of the most import things you can do. It is crucial to start giving them the information they need at an early age so they will not only understand their own allergies, but you can also have respect and empathy for other children who have allergies.

Arm Your Caregivers and Babysitters
When you are not around it is so important to make sure your children are in the care of people who understand their allergies. Make sure you teach your child’s teacher or babysitter how to recognize an allergic reaction and arm them with what to do if the child has a reaction. For example, if your child has an EpiPen, be sure to check the expiry date on it, make sure it’s always available wherever they go and that caregivers know the technique to inject it properly. There are easy to understand downloadable sheets available that can make sure everything is communicated clearly.

Read Food Labels Properly
In order to avoid the food your child is allergic to, it is essential to understand how to read food labels properly. First of all, if you find a product that doesn’t have an ingredient list, then don’t buy it. It isn’t worth the risk. If you are confused by the packaging and ingredients, don’t be afraid to call the company and ask about their ingredients and manufacturing practices. Encourage your kids to do the same when they are with you, this will get them into the habit of checking labels properly. One of the biggest steps you can take is getting to know the allergen inside and out, this will improve your ability to find it.

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