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Got Symptoms? How Trustworthy is the Internet for Health Information?

By November 15, 2017 No Comments
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“The next time you think about reaching out to Dr. Google, reach out to a nurse practitioner instead.”

If you’ve feverishly Googled your health symptoms for a diagnosis, you’re not alone. In a 2016 study in Australia, three out of five people admitted they sometimes or always research health conditions on the internet to avoid seeing a health professional. And that number rose to almost four in five people when the respondents were between the ages of 18 and 34. Don’t trust the internet for health information – get Wello, instead.

Google can always provide you with an overwhelming array of health diagnoses. But it’s important to remember that not all of that information will be accurate, reliable or even appropriate for you.

For a start, the same symptoms can be linked with a huge array of different conditions. Google “fatigue and headache” for instance, and you’ll discover you could have anything from a brain tumor to hay fever.  The internet can give you a whole lot of possibilities, ranging from the harmless to the terrifying. But it takes years of medical training and experience, along with proper testing, to actually diagnose someone.

Another problem with relying on the internet for health information is that it’s full of the most extreme scenarios, at both ends of the medical spectrum. There are the disease horror stories, which are guaranteed to whip you into a panic if you have similar symptoms.  Then there are the miraculous tales of recovery, which suggest it’s possible to beat serious illnesses without medical intervention.

We always encourage you to stay informed and in charge of your health. And, we aim to support you through consultations with our Wello Nurse Practitioners, who have the training, experience, and tools to properly assess your symptoms.  They look at your symptoms in the context of your lifestyle and unique medical history. They can arm you with the right information, answer your questions in detail, and advise on any medicines, tests or treatments you might need. So the next time you think about reaching out to Dr. Google, reach out to a nurse practitioner instead.


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