Our Wello Nurse Practitioners work with your employees to provide:

  • A holistic approach to healthcare:
    We look at lifestyle, diet and other health problems that could be impacting your wellbeing.
  • Acute/episodic care:
    From skin rashes, asthma and allergies, to wounds and concussions and serious infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia, we can treat health conditions and also provide prescription refills.
  • Healthcare advice:
    We offer personalized healthcare advice on a range of concerns – from improving diet to creating a workable exercise regime, we help guide and support employees and their families to live their healthiest lives.
  • Diagnostic Testing:
    When additional tests to determine a condition, disease or illness are necessary, we can order x-rays, nerve studies, ultrasounds, and specialized radiology, when appropriate.
  • Specialist referrals:
    For concerns that fall outside our expertise, we’ll give you the referral to get the specialist care you need, when medically appropriate.

What is a nurse practitioner and how are they different from doctors?

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse (RN) who has completed advanced education and training in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of common and chronic illnesses.

While doctors and nurse practitioners have different educational backgrounds and approaches to care, the knowledge and care they provide overlaps and is complementary. Each has core expertise that is distinct and unique.

How does Wello Work with my Family Doctor?

Our nurse practitioners work with your family doctor to:
• Coordinate and analyze your medical data (like vaccines and test results)
• Review and support your existing care plan
• Provide ongoing health advice (like nutrition and mental health tips)
• Refill prescriptions

Get well, stay well with Wello.

Our nurse practitioners are here for you! Just send an email to hello@wello.ca to book an appointment, or log into your patient portal to secure message directly with a Wello Nurse Practitioner at www.wello.ca.

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