Wello virtual healthcare is healthcare anytime, anywhere.

Wello helps employees get well when they’re sick and keep well every day. After all, healthy people do amazing things!

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Healthier, happier workforces = more present and productive teams.

Health benefits are as important as salary to most employees. Wello helps you attract and retain staff and keep your team focused by providing care when and where they need it.

Wello helps reduce unnecessary medical visits and time off work while increasing productivity, performance, engagement and job satisfaction.

Leading companies have changed how they look at healthcare by preparing their organizations to meet the health and wellness needs of an increasingly digitally savvy work force.

Get better benefits for your company, large or small.

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Companies are embracing virtual healthcare as part of their benefits plans because they know it supports a healthier, happier workplace and delivers strong return on investment.

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Personalized healthcare at their fingertips.

Let your employees skip the waiting room and get answers to their primary medical concerns quickly and conveniently. Wello supports them when they’re sick and in their pursuit of greater wellness.

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Prescriptions and referrals when medically necessary

Lab and diagnostic tests

Acute and chronic conditions

Urgent care issues and injuries

Treatment for illnesses like infections, rashes, colds and flu

24/7 on call support for urgent care

Mental health support

Health education and coaching

Disease prevention

Infant, child and teen health

Care advice for elders

Support while travelling and vaccine advice

Get well.

Prescription refills**
Specialist referrals**
Diagnostic tests**
Flus and colds
Upper respiratory infections
Minor injuries and wounds
Skin rashes

Keep well.

Mental health advice and referrals (depression, addiction and eating disorders and transition anxiety)
Travel and vaccine advice
Health education and coaching
Burnout concerns
Prenatal advice
Nutrition and exercise plans
Health promotion and disease prevention
Early childhood development
Child and teen health
Menopause counselling
Retirement anxiety
Care advice for elders

** when medically necessary
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