Employee Health

Employee Health
February 14, 2018

Daily Desk Detox

At Wello,¬†our nurse practitioners work with individuals and families to help them get well and keep well. A big part of our service is "keep well" advice for living your…
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Workplace Mental Health
Employee HealthMental HealthWorkplace
January 31, 2018

Mental Health Tips: at Home & in the Workplace

In any given year, one in five Canadians will personally experience a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression. And these problems are on the rise, particularly in younger…
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Personalized Service
Employee HealthNurse PractitionerSpecialistVideo
January 15, 2018

What Can Wello Do? Personalized Health for Individuals and Businesses

Wello - named after a combination of wellness and hello, showcases our dual goals of promoting healthy lifestyles and creating highly personalized health service for individuals and businesses. Some features…
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