Who we are:

Paired with the innovative minds of INLIV, an established 40-year health care company, we’re not just a faceless voice on the other end of the phone. We’re Nurse Practitioners, Care Coordinators, and Advisors – and we’re here to help.

Are you ready for the future of personalized health care?

 Healthy People Do Amazing Things

Our philosophy: Get Well. Keep Well.

We see ourselves as your advocate and support for your well-being. We’re here to provide guidance and support for health decisions – and to help every person and family we work with live the best lives they can. We place a strong focus on preventative medicine and holistic health, rather than just focusing on symptoms – we want our clients to feel better now, and even better in the future. Because healthy people do amazing things!

How we are different

While many companies share our vision, none quite compare in unique delivery. We offer video and phone consultations, convenient practices, and total confidentiality, and we go above and beyond – with primary care home visits, a team of Nurse Practitioners providing immediate relief as well as long-term care and guidance, a private patient portal, specialist referrals, follow-up discussions, and much more.

Meet our Nurse Practitioners & Care Coordinators

Julie Nicole Bakko

Wello Nurse Practitioner

Julie is known among the team for her passion, the personalized dedication to everyone she works with, and for her gift of going above and beyond for the people she treats – qualities that fit in perfectly with the goals and vision of Wello. Hailing from Medicine Hat, Alberta, she graduated with an Honours diploma in Collaborative Nursing in 2002, and for the past 15 years has not only worked in clinics and hospitals, but also continued her medical education at several other institutions, attaining both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree by 2016. Despite this busy schedule, which included raising four children of her own, Julie’s love of serving people can be seen in her decision to be a surrogate mother to twins.

Kayla Kirkham

Wello Nurse Practitioner

Prior to joining Wello, Kayla spent much of her nursing career in intensive care units, often in pediatrics, and through this, was inspired to learn further about both preventative treatments and wellness management. After finishing her Nurse Practitioner Family All Ages program, she learned about Wello and its focus on bringing health maintenance and treatments directly to clients’ homes and offices through telemedicine and in-person visits. Intrigued by the possibilities, Kayla applied and ultimately joined the Wello team in the autumn of 2017. Kayla prides herself for being passionate about the “person over the problem” approach and is best known for making real and genuine connections with the people around her in the course of helping them live their best lives.

Our Nurse Practitioners are fully-trained and ready to help you get the care you need. From prescriptions, to vaccinations, to annual medicals, and more – we’ve got you covered.

Stefanie O’Reilly

Wello Nurse Practitioner

Interested in becoming an emergency nurse, Stefanie was committed early on to helping people in dire need and ensuring they pulled through to recovery. She brings a devoted spirit to Wello, always trying to help as much as she can, and her considerable field experience is a great asset to the team’s performance. She completed her nursing degree in 2008 and began working as an emergency nurse before going back to school to complete a Master’s program and to receive her Nurse Practitioner designation. Now, with the launch of Wello, she is once again back in action, having a direct positive impact on the health and lives of her clients.

Amanda Gonzalez


Originally from Fort St James, BC, Amanda serves every client with pride and trust, exemplifying her values of integrity, cooperation, and loyalty as part of Wello. She oversees and supports the Wello Medical Care Coordinator team, acts as a liaison between clients and management, and helps ensure that the quality and efficiency of service remains current and consistent across our organization.

Amanda received her Medical Office Assistant certification from CDI College in 2002, and since then has learned to love tackling new challenges within her field, rooted in a strong understanding of medical systems – before Wello, she spent 13 years working at a Calgary diagnostic image company.

Eden Sousa


Eden joined Wello in the summer of 2017 initially as the Wello Administrative Coordinator and has since transitioned into the Medical Care Coordinator. In this role, along with many other duties, she educates patients and families, helps manage cases and care requirements with nurse practitioners, and ensures that all confidentiality and quality standards are maintained and met.

Eden is passionate about helping others and holistically approaching health and wellness, as well as promoting positivity and a balanced lifestyle. She graduated from Mount Royal University with a diploma in Disability Studies as well as a degree in Child Studies.Eden acquired her Unit Clerk certification through Bow Valley College and upon working in the community, found value and enjoyment in the healthcare sector, eventually joining the Wello team. In her spare time, she loves to travel, practice yoga, read and write.

Meet our Leadership Team

Vince Danielsen

President & CEO

After a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from UBC, 8 years as a Calgary Stampeder, and a hard-won battle against cancer, Vince is no stranger to the medical sciences or the Canadian healthcare system – or to the impact that the proper care team can have on someone. After leaving the world of football behind, he turned to his true passion and became a health entrepreneur. Vince’s focus has been on innovating health service delivery, and he has helped build healthcare offerings in the US and Canada in the areas of fitness, medical assessments, primary medicine, cosmetics, and rehabilitation. 21 years later, he’s still going strong as the leader of the healthcare company in Calgary, INLIV.

A firm believer in innovation and constant improvement, in 2016, Vince’s vision of an integrated and convenient health care delivery service began to take shape alongside a dedicated and faithful team of nurse practitioners and other staff. Ultimately, this became Wello – a new idea from INLIV with all the support of its parent company, and the next step in Canadian health offerings.

Kelly Blackshaw

Business Development Director

Kelly, a tried-and-true Calgarian (and a ski instructor in her younger days), is a titan in the world of Canadian healthcare innovation, with a career that spans four decades in the industry. One of the first people to work with INLIV’s former incarnation, Foothills Health Consultants, she has long been a voice for sustainable health practices and inspiring amazing daily lives.

A true innovator and leader, Kelly strongly believes in solid team relationships, and has pioneered the development of many corporate health programs in Canada (including ours), which are now coupled into our Wello experience. With a background in kinesiology and exercise physiology, she has been recognized with plenty of awards (including the 2014 Conference Board of Canada’s Pioneer Award for Workplace Wellness) and is even an inductee into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame as a Sports Builder.

Sylvia Wetherup

Innovation Design Manager

Sylvia is a true sports lover – she spends most weekends with her husband and daughter, skiing in the mountains west of Calgary. With a kind heart and a keen eye for business, she naturally gravitated to a role where she could ensure people were receiving good service and value in everything they do – even healthcare – and found herself at INLIV as an Executive Assistant. Having found her true calling, she combined her love of sports and hospitality as a one-of-a-kind leader.

Since joining, her experience has flourished even further, and she is now lending her wealth of talent, resourcefulness, and efficiency to Wello. Much of the convenience, technological ease, and seamless service delivery of Wello’s experience is thanks to Sylvia!

Dr. Wendy Smeltzer

Medical Director

Always up for a challenge, Dr. Wendy is a leader and an innovator. A popular family physician in Calgary for years, she is committed to the highest medical standards, serving in various roles at the Alberta College of Family Physicians and the provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Wendy also established Canada’s first registered medical spa and developed national safety and hygiene standards for the medical aesthetics industry.

She joined INLIV in 2012 as a primary care physician, established the medical aesthetics department the following year and then became Medical Director for all programs. For her next project, Dr. Wendy is advising and supporting the Wello team, offering her medical knowledge and experience to ensure all clients receive safe, reliable medical care via Wello’s modern delivery platform. Active in the Calgary community, Dr. Wendy can often be found singing with the Adult Recreational Choral Society in her spare time.

Sandra Chu

Corporate Account Manager

Sandra Chu joins Wello after previously being the manager of Corporate Health at INLIV. She has plenty of experience in the field – having managed health programs for large-volume employee-based services, in some cases for companies with more than 11,000 employees. Through her expertise in relationship building, engagement, onboarding strategies and reporting, Sandra brings an ability to create strong partnerships with corporations. With Sandra as a liaison, organizations can plan, set goals, get their employees involved, and create positive, long-lasting changes with Wello.

Sandra holds a Master’s degree in Exercise and Movement Science from the University of Oregon, and has done extensive work in exercise rehabilitation, including both sports and work disability. When she’s not helping to create strong and healthy employees, Sandra loves travelling the world to find new cultures and new adventures.