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Coming Home to Wello – Convenient, Personalized Health Care

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Thanks to mommy blogger Pursuing Pretty for sharing her experience with Wello’s convenient, personalized telemedicine health care. Because healthy families do amazing things! Original post: Persuing Pretty

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This year has been the worst that I can remember for illnesses in our home.  Since the winter season hit, our family of four has been sick with strep throat, the influenza virus and the stomach flu.  There have been countless trips to doctor offices, urgent care, and pharmacies.  For a busy family, getting sick can be so inconvenient these days!  That’s why I’m spreading the word about coming home to the future of personalized health care: Wello.


Coming Home to Wello

When I can see that one of our two young boys is getting sick, I start to feel the anxiety creeping in.  We all never seem to fall ill at the same time, it’s like a domino effect causing the virus to last for weeks in our household.  With my husband and I both working, it can be a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who is going to stay home and take our child to the doctor.

Usually, it’s impossible to get an appointment with our family doctor on short notice and we end up in the dreaded walk-in clinic.  Although it’s same-day diagnosis, these clinics can be a total gamble! We have waited for hours amongst hoards of other sick people to see a physician who speaks to us for two minutes, writes a prescription and sends us on our way.  This is health care?

So through our second round of antibiotics this year, I ran out of patience and started searching for a better solution.  Surely, there must be something out there that can help make this easier?  Thankfully, I found Wello.  Wello is a team of dedicated Nurse Practitioners and Care Coordinators that offer phone, video and in-person consultations for immediate medical situations or health advice.  Let me break that down for you families out there: you never have to sit in a doctor’s waiting room again.

The Future of Health Care

Wello’s team of health care providers can do much of what a doctor can do with some exceptions.  I think this is what surprised me the most, I had no idea that so much could be done without having to actually step foot in a medical facility.  From Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 7 pm Nurse Practitioners can provide you with virtual video visits or home visits (home visits are available in Alberta only).  That evening time slot is key for so many people as the majority of regular offices are closed by that time.  Phone consultations for urgent care matters are offered 24/7 for those who have a membership plan.  In addition to assessing your symptoms and diagnosing, Wello Nurse Practitioners can perform annual physical exams, Pap tests, write prescriptions, refer you to a specialist, order lab tests, sew sutures and so much more! Seriously, how amazing is that?

What’s more is if you have any questions that you would like answered, a Wello Nurse Practitioner can follow-up with you using secure messaging. And, Wello gives you access to your medical information using a secure portal – it’s a place where you can view your lab test results and even vaccination records.

Intake Meeting

After reading online about all of the services that they could offer, I felt that this would be a perfect solution for the life of a busy family.  So I phoned and registered with Wello for an Unlimited Monthly Plan.  Within a couple of days, our Nurse Practitioner Julie came to our home in the evening after we were all home from busy days of school and work.  Julie was so personable and friendly as she sat at our kitchen table with us to discuss our healthcare needs.  She had already done her research before she arrived and actually had a lot of background knowledge about our health.  I was really impressed!

During our visit, Julie went over our personal history. All while sitting in the comfort of our own home, she provided my husband and I both with requisitions for lab work.  She performed quick check-ups on all of us, including our kids.  It was like a community health care visit!  I was in need of some prescription medication and by the next morning, she had already sent it to my local pharmacy. Julie reassured us that the next time we needed anything, she was only a phone call or email away! This truly is the definition of personalized health care.

Care Plans

There are different plans with Wello to suit your needs and your budget. Personally, I don’t believe that you can put a price tag on how valuable your time and health is. This is so worth it for my family’s personal care.  You can choose between a Flex Plan, with monthly payments of $35 for a single and $65 for a family.  On this plan, home visits are an additional $99.  An Unlimited Plan includes everything plus access to as many home visits that you or your family needs.  If you aren’t interested in a monthly plan, you can also choose a basic Pay-Per-Visit option with $49 video visits and $99 home visits.

If you’re concerned about cost, it may be helpful to know that Wello is covered under many health spending accounts or other benefits – just ask your insurance provider to confirm if they will cover your fees.  Plus, keep reading for an exclusive coupon code!

See their website for more information about pricing options.

The Best Part…

The best part about Wello is that it’s taken away the stress that can accompany sickness. To be completely honest, sometimes I try and wait out sicknesses as long as I can. Instead of seeking medical attention, I hope that they will just get better on their own.  That’s when we typically end up very sick, waiting for hours to be seen in Urgent Care.  Now I know that I can always err on the side of caution.  If someone in my family needs medical attention, it can be easily taken care of through a phone call, video chat or home visit.  No more time wasted trying to figure out how we can fit a doctor’s visit into our busy schedules.  Forget walk-in clinics. No waiting for Urgent Care. We can simply come home to Wello.

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Photography by Kayley Hayward Photography.

Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by the amazing team at Wello.  All thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own.

*Redeem between March 1 – December 31, 2018. Discount is valid for 10% off 1 pay per visit purchase or 10% off your first 3 months of a monthly flex or annual unlimited plan membership. Offer is available to Alberta residents 18 years of age and older only.

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