wello office visits

Office visits for your medical concerns are a fast and convenient way for you to be seen and assessed by our caring and experienced nurse practitioners – and you hardly even need to leave your desk! At Wello, we are pleased to offer these visits to business clients in the Calgary area.

You choose the location for your consultation, so make sure it’s somewhere you can openly discuss your health concerns and will feel relaxed and safe. We recommend booking a quiet, private room where people can’t see in, and that has comfortable furniture and an agreeable temperature.

The care that Wello provides during an office visit is pretty similar to what you’d get over the phone or on a video call with us. It’s expert care, tailored to your specific needs, and delivered in a very flexible way.

Our Wello Nurse Practitioners will ask some questions about your medical history, examine you, review their findings, and develop diagnostic and treatment plans. They can:

  • Draw blood
  • Perform some primary care procedures
  • Conduct a physical exam or a focused exam as required
  • Talk to you about mental health issues that are concerning you, and make a plan for treatment

Need more information?

  • If you have a specific question, Wello members can contact a Wello Care Coordinator at 403-648-2120 or reach out to hello@wello.ca.
  • For the latest updates about Wello, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Welcome to the future of personalized healthcare!