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Refilling Prescriptions Using Telemedicine

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Prescription Wello Refill Delivery

One of the many ways we bring convenient, healthcare to our clients is through free prescription refills. Next time you’re nearing the end of a prescription, give us a call. You typically won’t need to visit your family doctor and depending on what pharmacy you like to use, your medication could be delivered right to your home. How’s that for convenience? Here’s how it works:

Step 1: When you’re nearing the end of a prescription, call us at (403) 648-2120 or send an email to to request a refill.

Step 2: One of our nurse practitioners will then review your medical history and records. Depending on the particular medication you need, they may be in touch to ask you a few questions. Here at Wello, healthcare comes personalized so we can provide the best possible treatment – that’s why we always follow safe prescribing practices.

Step 3: Once your medication is determined, a Wello Nurse Practitioner will send a prescription to your pharmacy – wherever is most convenient for you. Let us know if you’d like for us to arrange to have your prescription delivered (pharmacy/location dependent).


If there are any concerns about your prescription, we’re happy to talk with your existing healthcare providers,  including your family doctor or pharmacist. With some medications and conditions,  a refill may not be given as it may not be appropriate for a substitute provider to offer a refill or a follow-up exam or lab test may be required.


Need a prescription?
Members can phone us at (403) 648-2120, request an appointment at or email