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Wello is backed by INLIV’s 40+ years of experience in healthcare for individuals, families and executive health  and now Wello is backing INLIV! Today, we’re pleased to welcome INLIV’s Comprehensive and Executive Medical Assessment program clients to the Wello family.

INLIV’s Comprehensive and Executive Medical Assessment program offers one-of-a-kind care that includes over three hours of focused, in-person time with a physician, a review of your family history and lifestyle factors, and medical tests, as required. The personal report you receive includes recommendations and follow-up plans to optimize your wellness, painting a detailed picture of your current health status and outlining a customized plan for improving your health. Now, INLIV clients will also receive access to virtual care from our Wello Nurse Practitioners and Care Coordinators, free of charge for a year — we can’t wait to meet you!

Here at Wello, we offer access to medical experts through phone and video visits. Wello saves time, offers convenient options, provides access to those who may have mobility issues, helps address non-emergency situations and peace of mind through 24/7 access to urgent care. We can assess, diagnose, treat and manage health conditions and illnesses. Prescriptions can be written and renewed, tests can be ordered and interpreted, specialist referrals can be made and sick notes can be written. We will work with your existing healthcare providers – like your INLIV family doctor – to ensure a successful continuum of care.

If youre one of our new clients from INLIVs Comprehensive and Executive Medical Assessment program, you can register for Wello services here. If you have any questions, one of our Care Coordinators will be pleased to assist you by phone at 1-888-585-2120 or by email at hello@wello.ca.

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