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What Our Members are Saying: Customer Testimonials

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Below are examples of what our members have to say about Wello’s mobile healthcare service, read on for real life customer testimonials of how we deliver telemedicine. Wello is convenient, professional and caring. And, we work with your lifestyle to bring personalized healthcare straight into your home or office.

How did you hear about Wello?
We have three young daughters so it seemed like a good idea for our family.

Can you describe your experience with Wello?
Mom: We phoned a Wello Nurse Practitioner within the first week! Our daughter tripped and fell one evening, hurting her gums and teeth. Through a video dialogue, we were able to have her examined and didn’t have to take her to a doctor at night. It gave us peace of mind.

Last spring, our daughter got sick before a trip we had planned. We were thinking of canceling but were able to get prescriptions from the nurse practitioner and she followed up with the girls who were staying at home with my mother-in-law and nanny. We were able to go away, knowing that the kids were fine and that Julie, our Wello Nurse Practitioner, was checking in on them.

Dad: There was another incident when we were at a remote cabin and one of our girls needed medical attention. We were able to connect with a Wello Nurse Practitioner who told us what to do. Her treatment saved us having to drive a couple hours to a hospital.

I have personally turned to Wello for things like blood work. I have a busy job and a Wello Nurse Practitioner came to my office to draw the sample. It saved me a lot of time going to the lab for tests. It turned out I had a thyroid issue, which was identified by Wello. We were able to work with our family doctor for further treatment.

Mom: Our kids get anxious about going to the doctor. Julie, one of the Wello Nurse Practitioners, is really part of our lives and our kids feel very comfortable with her. She makes us feel like she is there for us and that is something very reassuring for kids when they are receiving treatment in their own home. She is there to make sure that we are all healthy and I really appreciate her holistic approach.

Dad: There is a level of convenience that comes with Wello, as well as reassurance with the continuity of care. When you go to a doctor, you can only address one issue each visit whereas when the Wello Nurse Practitioner comes to our house for a visit, we can discuss several different concerns. As a busy family, there is not always time to get in to see a doctor and we can use Wello in conjunction with what works with our schedules.

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